Stephanie Cottrell, Young Living Mentor/Sponsor/Enroller
Independent Distributor # 1363186
Essential Oil Solutions for Your Family and Your Pets
Welcome to my Young Living Therapeutic Essential Oils information page on this site.

  I am a Young Living Essential Oils and Wellness Products Wholesale Independent Distributor!  I use almost all of our products myself and for my companion and show dogs and cats.

Please visit my dedicated website for information on Young Living Products for your wellness journey, your clean green home needs, essential oils & infused products for family and pets! link is in the header - sign the landing page to receive videos and information.

We have a NEW mineral makeup line
 **Savvy Minerals by Young Living **

We have a dedicated NEW line for Infants to Toddler which compliments our already existing products for children age 2 and older.

We now have OTC **Sun Screen **
*Non-Nano particles*
this means the sun screen stays on top of your skin protecting you instead of absorbing into the skin and potentially causing skin irritation or breakouts.

We now have OTC **Insect Repellent**
Great for repelling pests and DEET FREE! More effective than the leading commercial brand and safer for your body to absorb. EPA approved.

New **SuperCal Plus** 
with Red Algae ~ 72 other trace Marine Minerals that delivers bioavailable calcium, & magnesium.  The plant-sourced marine minerals paired with a fermented polysaccharide complex and amino acids make Super Cal Plus not just a calcium supplement but also a strategic bone-health support system.  

NEW **LavaDerm After Sun Spray**​
Vegan friendly and alcohol, parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, synthetic preservatives, fragrances or colorants. GREAT for minor burns, cuts, scrapes, insect bite relief and other skin irritations. 

NEW **AminoWise**
With an advanced, triple-targeted formula; including Muscle Performance, Recovery and Hydration Mineral blends and branched chain amino acids -- AminoWise is a perfect gym (or dog show) companion to help fight fatigue, reduce LATIC ACID and rehydrate.
If you are on your feet all day- running or working on concrete all day - you may want to try this for support of your muscle and circulatory functions (Pro handlers)!!
This is a powder drink you can blend with water and other YL Vitality Oils and drink all day long - or for those work out kings and queens - drink before during and after your workout for support.
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